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Airport Extreme Security

December 15, 2009by Bjarke Lautrup-Larsen
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If you are tired of the airport security, maybe you should just be happy you dont live in Israel.

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Japan is a weird strange scary place

December 8, 2009by Bjarke Lautrup-Larsen

[youtube H_X7mMU6Gb0]

There is an app for that

To follow up on some of the things mentioned in the previous post about Google’s interest in mobile phones (for young people and especially people in Asia, the primary connection to the internet is not through a pc, but via their mobile phone), here is a very interesting article about the way mobile apps changes the way interacting with brands and services happen.

Food for the christmas dinner?

December 3, 2009by Bjarke Lautrup-Larsen
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[youtube yBsl_ZssUwA]


The Phone Box Experiment

December 2, 2009by Bjarke Lautrup-Larsen
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Could write a lot to explain but … just watch the intro video.

Product development

How to make a traditional danish dish more christmassy! Not to mention classy!


Now I feel like schnapps! Thanks to @danielbeattie


December 1, 2009by Bjarke Lautrup-Larsen

[youtube ypmfs3z8esI]

Folding film

December 1, 2009by Bjarke Lautrup-Larsen

[vimeo 6605263]

Eurobest: Grand Prix winner in outdoor

November 30, 2009by Bjarke Lautrup-Larsen

According to the jury of Eurobest’s outdoor category, Robert/Boisen & Like-minded created the best outdoor in Europe this year. Not one of the best, but the best.

Picture by Chaga Signe Bruun

On top of that the campaign won silver in the Sales Promotion category. Not only has the case been successful in several award shows, it has also created very convincing results on the commercial level. After running the campaign, the market share went up with 27%, Campaign awareness went up 40% and last but not least Suzuki’s sales of the involved models went up 12,5% in the following month and 25 % in total. So even though we have said it before, it’s still worth mentioning: Creativity is a shortcut to effectiveness. Period.

See the case here

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/suzuki/suzuki.xml /]

Wizard Smoke

November 30, 2009by Bjarke Lautrup-Larsen
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Nice little skatevideo with a good feel to it.

[vimeo 7640196]