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It’s almost Spring..

January 27, 2009by Carsten
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Or actually – not really. It’s still bummer cold outside and our viking bodies are pale white and deep blue around the eyes. BUT football season is just about to start up, and that spreads a good warm feeling all the way down to our scandinavian feet. Actually we’ve been keeping warm for a while working on these ads for PUMA football boots.

 Wow – that’s the longest post ever here at – and we all know, that’s something to celebrate. So, why don’t we do that right here, righ now.. with a little link.

Spies: vacations that are good, maybe too good

December 17, 2008by Carsten
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Spies has been having serious difficulties getting people to skidaddle home from their vacations. This has escalated to such a level, that they’ve had to hire in the world famous ‘HomeSender’… He who stops at nothing, until he gets the message across that “Once a vacation is over – it’s over.”

You, on the other hand, are more than warmly welcome to hang out here at as much as you want. Why not pull out some sun screen and watch some movies (these movies are probably best, if you speak a bit of the Danish language.. and a bit of chinese, but give ‘em a twirl anyway, and see how much you get through body language):

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The Truth sometimes hurts

November 4, 2008by Carsten

But not all the time apparently. The True Awards have been dealt out. We’re all hugs & smiles for the acknowledgment that goes with ‘Agency of the Year‘ that we took home. At the same time we’re proud that our Somersby films won best direction – (congrats to Stylewars there) and that Peter Albrecthsen, Mads Heldtberg, Morten Green, Charlie Gaugler and  Peter Peter pulled home a win in the ‘Best sound design’ category for our IKEA “Home” film.. w00p w00p!

If you’d like to see the films, check out the earlier post, where we were all happy for the nominations we’d recieved.

Can you read this?

November 3, 2008by Carsten

If you can’t, that might be a sign that you need Ekstra Bladet’s ScreenCleaner, or you’ve got tired eyes, or you just can’t read. That’s alright, you don’t need to be able to read to enjoy the ScreenCleaner, just press play:


EkstraBladet’s beautiful Page 9 Girls underwent a quality lift this summer, and RBLM was asked to use them to give male readers (constructionworkers especially) a good reason for picking up a copy of EkstraBladet. Thanks for asking.

Mobile devices are a constant companion for handymen on the job. So, we suggested making video ‘screencleaners’ for their mobiles, that can be downloaded with special codes from the newspaper.

“Why not use these at footballstadiums and later on as Computer Screensavers?” you ask. That’s a pretty neat idea – we’ll just go ahead do that.

The music that makes these fabulous females work their magic, was done by Madness4real and we’d just straight out like to say: Thanks!

Pump My Ride

September 8, 2008by Carsten
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Suzuki cars get damn good mileage. We showed this by skinning a gas station Suzuki style, and selling gas at lower prices. Danes like their wallets fat & juicy, not slimlined – so the word got out, and car drivers got in on the game. Go buy yourself a Suzuki car and find yourself spending less money on fuel. (If you do decide to buy a Suzuki, you could save money and buy this instead)

Here’s a little behind the scenes of the event:

And one of the final commercials here. It’s in Danish, so have fun with that, if you don’t understand our lingo. If you want a translation, give us a call:
[flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/suzuki/suzuki.xml /]

Under the skin of PUMA players

July 7, 2008by Carsten
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The EURO2008 has come and gone. Good matches & good beers – good times were had by all, except.. well, all the losers, and the teams that didn’t qualify (Denmark – Hrmpfh).

RBLM got in the spirit of things by working instead, and the result of some of this work can be seen on the ‘PUMA XRAY Players’ website, where users can get up close & personal with four PUMA players. Dig in, why don’t you?