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Subway Symphony

February 1, 2011by Anders Kure

Conductor: from Alexander Chen on Vimeo.

Once again epic silliness from Honda

February 1, 2011by Anders Kure
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Picture 1

How switching strategy mid-campaign can really pay off













The lingerie brand Lane Bryant (got lucky and…) changed their strategy from paid media to earned with a pretty nice outcome. See the case below:

Obituaries 2.0

I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this yet – it must be a good idea then.
No reason why obituaries can’t be a bit more contemporary.

Check out the site:

Eye candy!

January 31, 2011by Anders Kure

…from a hotel that evidently really cares.

Yet another engaging Arcade Fire video

September 2, 2010by Anders Kure
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Mind-blowing ice cream

August 30, 2010by Anders Kure
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Guns made of ice cream. Kind of controversial, but very eye-catching. Wonder if there’s a campaign out there where this would be the appropriate giveaway?


Halo-fans make art

AKQA engages fans, by letting them build a complex light sculpture in realtime  using a giant robotic arm!

Born To Run

August 30, 2010by Anders Kure

Born to Run

Save the Children addressing the positive. Not so addy but really emotionally engaging.