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Johnny Walker – 5 minute storytelling

[youtube J7lnnZiORpk] Spotted by Bjarke… Nice timing and nice work with the steady cam. Walking backwards for 5 minutes without tripping. Impressive. I wonder how many takes they did before it was there. Done by BBH.

Swimming with sharks…

July 29, 2009by Camilla Rannes
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Discovery Channel is introducing their Shark Week in a somewhat different way. (In relation to our ‘How to do more interesting TV show advertising’) (sorry for this low-tech edition)

It reminds me of something

June 19, 2009by Bjarke Lautrup-Larsen
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Se først videoen fra Kunde & Co. her ( kan kun finde den på – den er sjovt nok fjernet fra youtube og fra ) Se så videoen fra BBC: [youtube LS37SNYjg8w] EDIT: Okay jeg er så ikke den første der har set ligheden. [youtube dpcWgtIulfo]

The Roger Federer Equation

Maybe not the best video in itself, but what does make it interesting is that it is posted the day Roger match Sampras standing record of 14 Grand Slam finals. [youtube WjpyJc-67TI]

The Barcalona pep video

June 12, 2009by Morten Kjær

FC Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola did this video, with the national catalonian TV help, to motivate his players moments before the Champions League final FC Barça vs. Man UTD. Pep wanted a video that evolved the best moments of the season and mixed them with Gladiator scenes and the soundtrack of the movie… [youtube o8Dhj7KsEyQ]

Brilliant presentation on where marketing is heading

The Audience Is Always Right View more Microsoft Word documents from Mad Blog. 135 very solid slides done by TBWA. Really interesting stuff.

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

June 5, 2009by Søren Christensen
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[youtube lj-x9ygQEGA]

En ny måde at skabe forbrugerloyalitet på…?! Aidonline er nyt software, der erstatter bannerannoncerne på websites, man besøger og erstatter dem med bannerannoncer fra ‘deres kunder’. Der så til gengæld giver en del af udgiften til velgørende organisationer efter MIT VALG. Det kan jeg lide… Og ja, jeg vælger nogle annoncører fra. Men til gengæld […]

Vild musikvideo

May 13, 2009by Søren Christensen

Twitter credit til Daniel… Åbenbart ingen CGI. Synes det er vildt lavet

Samsung : YouTube HD Camera (How it was done)