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Cool Air France Music Konkurrence

A summer without rain

Norwegian airline Widerøe are looking for two friends to fly away from the rain this summer. With more than 40 destinations and a ‘fly as much as you can’ ticket, the mission is to avoid the rain and blog about it. Nice stunt to promote the possibility of having a sunny Norwegian summer with Wideroe. […]

Social Memories

Why guys need social media

February 7, 2011by Robert/Boisen
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Obituaries 2.0

I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this yet – it must be a good idea then. No reason why obituaries can’t be a bit more contemporary. Check out the site:

Social media – what to write where

January 27, 2011by Anders Wik
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With new platforms and tools shooting up every day, it’s hard to figure out what to write in the different social channels available. Here’s a simple guide. Twitter= I need to pee. Facebook= I peed! Foursquare/Gowalla/Facebook Places=  I’m peeing here. Quora= Why am I peeing? Youtube= Watch this pee! LinkedIn= I pee well Blog = […]

Heineken on social networking

January 26, 2011by Anders Wik

This is the best print ad I’ve seen in a while. Advertising Agency: TBWANEBOKO, Amsterdam, Netherland Spotted by /Pleasecopyme

KLM Surprice. More on the RAK trend

Random Act of Kindness through social media. It’s a nice idea. They should work on the case lenght though…

The new Facebook profile pages

December 16, 2010by Robert Larsen
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More fun Facebook profile page tweak examples here: