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Social media means a lot An oldy but goodie – reminds me off how much social media (and in this case World of Warcraft) means to us these days. Poor kid

Facebook now comes with business

Facebook Places made it possible to check in to places (ie. shops). Still not launched in Denmark, but will hopefully soon be here. But more interesting, Facebook has now built a business layer on top of Facebook Places. Say hello to Facebook Deals. This will be big!

Digital life – a study

October 11, 2010by Anders Wik

Interviewing almost 50,000 consumers across 46 countries, including all BRIC and most N-11 markets, Digital Life is the largest, most comprehensive study of the Global Digital Consumer, ever. These markets represent 88% of the global Digital population; we cover markets from where Digital is close to ubiquitous to those beginning their digital journey whether through […]

Realtime response – Tweetagrams

Orange is now jumping on the real time response wave, following Old Spice’s stunt earlier this summer. Got a friend who needs cheering up? Or maybe you just want to tell them that you love them/miss them/really like their new haircut? Tweet your messages adding #singingtweetagrams from now until Thursday. The Rockabellas turn them into lovely little songs within a […]


Poke and French Connection have opened the world’s first fashion boutique on Youtube. Have a look at the Youtique. It’s quite simple. By using annotations (hotspots) they can create contexual links to the French Connection e-commerce site. Here’s one of the films: The rest is found here:

Drunk driving – Web 2.0 storytelling

September 24, 2010by Søren Christensen

I like!! Via Daniel K

Let the cows decide

Litago, a range of milk products for kids from Norwegian Tine, has just launched a new campaign aiming to find the taste of the semester. Recently they have engaged the consumers in this task, letting them design, vote, mix and shake new tastes. This time it’s up to the cows to decide. 10 cows are […]

Your mom is on Facebook!

Very interesting social media stats. Would be interesting to see equivalent statistics for Europe.

Awesome summary of social media right now

A lot of interesting and mindblowing facts about social media. And a nice collection of qoutes. Worth spending 10 minutes on…

Hip Hamster works out in his wheel.

August 19, 2010by Michael Robert