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August 19, 2010by Michael Robert
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A creative brief to guide social media efforts

The most tagged photo ever

Poke London and Orange went to Glastonbury and took a huge photo. Now they invite the 70.000-strong crowd to find and tag themselves. If they succeed they will set a world record. The photo was created by stitching together 36 photos.

Old Spice in New media

Now you can interact with the man on a horse. Ask him a question on Twitter or Facebook and get the answer on Youtube. Some selected clips here:

What’s brand fans worth on Facebook

June 21, 2010by Søren Christensen

Interesting article

Facebook Sound Status

Tele2 in Norway with a smart stunt: Phone in your Facebook status updates.

Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

Do’s & Dont’s in social media

Brand Advocacy and Social Media – 2009 GMA Conference View more presentations from Brandon Murphy.

Turn your Twitter feed into a personal paper

April 12, 2010by Anders Wik

Cool service letting you enter a Twitter-username and turn this person (and his/her followers) links into a peronal newspapers, extracting the content and pictures from the links that hasve been shared during the last 24 hours. See a paper made up of Robert’s Twitter-feed here:

Twentythree : Twentythree vs Alex Bogusky

April 6, 2010by Michael Robert

This is a ‘blackmail’ video they put on Alex Bogusky’s fan page they now control. They offered to return his Facebook fan page if he buys one share from our company: twentythree (engagement marketing). Less than 24 hours later, @Bogusky answered. Our lawyers are working on a draft that will ensure that our new partner […]