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Photoshop streetprank

8 x tribute to Big Mac

June 7, 2013by Søren Christensen
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Not the usual food porn, but weird food porn. I like it!

Brilliant stunt from Belgian rapper Stromae

First: Appear really drunk publicly a morning in Brussels. Everybody gets their cameras out and boom! 1.000.000 views on Youtube and a lot of publicity being the star he is in Belgium.

Second: One week later he released an official  music video consisting of all the same scenes shot with hidden cameras. Clever stuff.

Thanks to Niels A for sharing this.

Very nice one from DDB, France

May 24, 2013by René Kammersgaard
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GeoGuessr – gæt hvor du er tidsfordriv.

May 17, 2013by Mark Rif Torbensen
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How to use cheasy stock video…

May 16, 2013by Søren Christensen
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Follow up on earlier award-winning campaign from Getty Images.

Abercrombie & Fitch. Douchebags or cool?

It’s pretty clear what this guy thinks. With more than 3 million views in a few days, I think this is an interesting example of how much brand damage one guy can create, if a company behave as….well douchebags.

A TVC that can make a grown man cry…

May 15, 2013by Søren Christensen
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Just call me a softie, but I like this one.

Beercup with Facebook integration

May 1, 2013by Søren Christensen
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Fun idea, but somehow I’m not sure I want that (or if its something  people I meet when I’m drunk would like)

Nice one from Dove

April 16, 2013by Søren Christensen
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Nice insight, nice idea, nice execution. Very nice I guess