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Brilliant stunt from Belgian rapper Stromae

First: Appear really drunk publicly a morning in Brussels. Everybody gets their cameras out and boom! 1.000.000 views on Youtube and a lot of publicity being the star he is in Belgium.

Second: One week later he released an official  music video consisting of all the same scenes shot with hidden cameras. Clever stuff.

Thanks to Niels A for sharing this.

Very nice one from DDB, France

May 24, 2013by René Kammersgaard
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GeoGuessr – gæt hvor du er tidsfordriv.

May 17, 2013by Mark Rif Torbensen
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How to use cheasy stock video…

May 16, 2013by Søren Christensen
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Follow up on earlier award-winning campaign from Getty Images.

Abercrombie & Fitch. Douchebags or cool?

It’s pretty clear what this guy thinks. With more than 3 million views in a few days, I think this is an interesting example of how much brand damage one guy can create, if a company behave as….well douchebags.

A TVC that can make a grown man cry…

May 15, 2013by Søren Christensen
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Just call me a softie, but I like this one.

Beercup with Facebook integration

May 1, 2013by Søren Christensen
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Fun idea, but somehow I’m not sure I want that (or if its something  people I meet when I’m drunk would like)

Nice one from Dove

April 16, 2013by Søren Christensen
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Nice insight, nice idea, nice execution. Very nice I guess

Who gives a Crap

Who says you can’t make toilet paper high involvement?

Australian toilet paper ‘who gives a crap’ business idea is to donate 50% of its profits to help build toilets in the developing world.

In order to raise 50.000 USD they needed to go into production one of the founders sat on the toilet for as long time as it took people to donate the amount. It took 50 hours.

Clever naming too…

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 18.13.52

The new Opel Corsa, Flemming…

April 7, 2013by René Kammersgaard
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