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PR story – Volkswagen Olympics

February 6, 2014by Michael Bugaj
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“Volkswagen has rolled into Sochi with a trio of highly modified and incredibly badass pickups, and on the way there, the team set a world record for the longest off-road trek through a single country.” Read the full story at wired.


“The Games have always been a little gay”

February 5, 2014by Michael Bugaj

The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion new spot before the Olympics. According to adage.com the most “gayest ad ever”.

All the Super Bowl ads in one spot:

February 4, 2014by James Godfrey
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Playful Newcastle ad from Droga 5

January 23, 2014by Kim Boisen

Inspiring way of making noise when you are not an official Super Bowl advertiser and are a no nonsense cheeky brand.


Phones down, please.

January 20, 2014by Heinrich Vejlgaard
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Great print ad for Guinness


Harvey Nichols humorous budget X-mas range

January 16, 2014by Kim Boisen

Luxury department store HN launches the humorous ‘Sorry, I spent it on Myself’ budget collection of gifts for X-mas. 100% Wood toothpicks, Multi-bristled toothbrush under 1 pound.

Fun idea supported with fun Ad based on a true insight…

Airbnb crowdsources TVAd made entirely on Vine

January 16, 2014by Kim Boisen

“Hollywood & Vines” is the first film directed via Twitter and shot entirely on Vine. For four days, people around the world worked with the director to share in the creation of a single story about travel, adventure and finding your place in the world. Airbnb release a television ad featuring Vine clips sent in by the accommodation site’s users. Airbnb sent a tweet asking members all over the world to submit their clips to be in with the chance of winning USD 100 worth of credit to use on the site. 100 Vine clips were used in the final video, and a ‘making of’ film was also released.


Gamify your training with Google Glasses

January 16, 2014by Kim Boisen

Awesome use of Google Glasses

Moto X Ad – WIRED Interactive Print Ad

January 15, 2014by Heinrich Vejlgaard
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New school tech applied to old school media


Scary baby

January 15, 2014by Heinrich Vejlgaard

I love this evil prank