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April fools from the big guys

April 2, 2014by Søren Christensen
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Check them all out here




Weight watcher – Awaken your Incredible

March 26, 2014by Michael Bugaj

“Dedicated to everyone who refused trying.” Great execution on a great insight that lifts the brand to an interesting position focusing on a bigger statement and goal. We are all incredible, sometimes we just let it be forgotten.

Great use of augmented reality by Pepsi

GoPro + Superman

March 18, 2014by Michael Bugaj
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The Amazon warehouse

A fascinating example of how technology has evolved the amazon warehouse and created a more efficient system for locating bought products and delivering them to the packaging. Creative technology at its best.

Hello CarPlay








Apple just announced that they soon will launch, in cooperation with a couple of car brands (i.e Volvo, Ferrari, Jaguar..), CarPlay. CarPlay is touch screen inside your car that is linked together with your phone, allowing  frictionless content sharing with your car without any cables. Read more here. We love it.

Clever use of media

February 26, 2014by Michael Bugaj
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IKEA shows how to use space more efficiently.

Put down your phone for a good cause

February 24, 2014by Michael Bugaj
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UNICEF Tap Project brings us another idea of how to simply to something good. Put away your phone, and give children in need clean water. How many minutes can you give?

UNICEF tap project







Picture from UNICEF

Don’t judge lonely screeners :)

February 21, 2014by Michael Bugaj
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Colour lover?

February 17, 2014by Michael Bugaj
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Great tool for inspiration and colour matching. #colourlovers

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