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D.I.Y. cell phoneTV ad …This one is actually running on TV

December 3, 2013by Michael Robert
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Amazon Prime Air – Pretty amazing R&D project

December 2, 2013by Søren Christensen
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Jeff Bezos says it will be reality within 4-5 years. Gamechanger!

D&AD – I Wish I’d done that

November 27, 2013by Søren Christensen

What work do different top creatives admire?..Interesting stuff

How to make things neat and tidy?

November 25, 2013by Søren Christensen
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Nice outdoor/open API combo

November 21, 2013by Søren Christensen

How much information do you share?

November 19, 2013by Søren Christensen
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Interesting social media experiment

Jingle Hoops

November 18, 2013by Heinrich Vejlgaard
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Nice little x-mas film

3D Display Can Form Moving Shapes and Interact with Physical Objects

InFORM is the name of this new interactive  piece of machiney


Read more about it here:


Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

November 14, 2013by Heinrich Vejlgaard

I really hope this is done for real. If it isn’t – it’s shit, if it is done for real it’s freaking awesome!


Music video with animation on CD’s

November 13, 2013by Heinrich Vejlgaard
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Impressive Japanese crafting


Music video:


The making of:


Read ore about the project here: